Way Too Interested
Episode 8

THE SUPPLY CHAIN with John August and Peter S. Goodman

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Screenwriter and Scriptnotes co-host John August
Today, on an unusually topical episode of Way Too Interested, screenwriter and Scriptnotes co-host John August joins Gavin Purcell to talk about how his experience selling a custom deck of playing cards — the Writer Emergency Pack — awakened him to the complex and fascinating world of the supply chain. He also talks about his writing habit and the thing he misses most in the current supply chain crunch: Caffeine-free Coke Zero.

Then, they're joined by the New York Times' global economic correspondent, Peter S. Goodman, who explains what exactly the global supply chain is, how it arose, and why everyone should have ordered their Christmas presents yesterday. Plus: Who's making money when supply ships aren't moving, who's pain are we not hearing about, and which industries are most affected by a disruption to the normal rhythm?

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