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Way Too Interested host Gavin Purcell
First, welcome, and thanks for listening. I'm kinda new at this, so every listener matters.

I started this podcast because I wanted to be able to talk to people I admire about the things that most light them up, outside of their everyday work lives and careers.

Every one of us has these secret passions, topics that we can't stop learning about that worm their way into our everyday thoughts. These could be fleeting, momentary interests, or they could be things that have been part of our lives forever. Either way, they're part of what makes our lives worth living and are worth exploring to the fullest extent.

In everyday life, we can get caught up in the day-to-day of what we do for work, even if it's something we love. This podcast serves as a reminder that those little things you can't get out of your head are hugely important and can foster incredible creative growth.

When you listen to Way Too Interested, I hope you learn a lot about a variety of things, and that the podcast will inspire you, at home, to pursue that one thing you just can stop thinking about.


Gavin Purcell
Host, Way Too Interested

What is Way Too Interested?

Way Too Interested is a new podcast where we talk to interesting people and ask them about a subject they’re currently obsessed with outside of their everyday lives. Then, the two of us talk to an expert in that subject matter and do a deep dive.

It’s a show about curiosity, discovery, creativity, and, most importantly, pursuing those little things that get stuck in your brain & end up being way more fascinating than you ever expected.

Who is Gavin?

Gavin Purcell is an Emmy-winning showrunner, writer, and producer who's worked in television and digital media for over twenty years at places like The Tonight Show, Hulu, and Vox Media.

At some point along the way, he discovered his secret power: the ability to become fascinated with nearly anything.

After years of producing talent, Way Too Interested is his first attempt at being talent himself, which gives him hives just thinking about it.

He lives in Los Angeles with his family but you can find him most easily on Twitter @gavinpurcell.

Who are the guests?

This season's guests will include: The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood, Jr.; actor and author Felicia Day; video game designer Tim Schafer; The New Yorker food correspondent Helen Rosner; and actor Dani Fernandez.

How do you find your guests?

Each episode of Way Too Interested has two kinds of guests: The main guest, and the expert.

Gavin finds the main guests by being interested in them. They are all fascinating in their own way.

For the experts, it's a little harder. The main guests give him a topic and then he sets out to find someone to chat about that topic. Sometimes this is easy; other times, it's incredibly hard.

Either way, because we're talking about something that both people are deeply invested in, the conversations are quite fascinating and fun.

How do I get in touch?

If you have a question about the podcast or how to listen to it, please fill out the form below. We can't promise to get back to you, but we read every email.

Who is the show's producer?

Way Too Interested is produced by Gavin Purcell, in collaboration with Eric Johnson from LightningPod.fm. Eric is also the host of Follow Friday, the podcast about who you should follow online.

Where is that theme song from?

Way Too Interested's theme song is an original composition from The Gregory Brothers! They also composed and performed the instrumental saxophone piece that plays at the end of the show.
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