Way Too Interested
Episode 6

RUBBER STAMPS with Tim Schafer and Roberta Sperling

A man with curly hair and a beard, wearing a plaid shirt
Video game designer Tim Schafer
On this episode of Way Too Interested, video game designer Tim Schafer (Psychonauts, Grim Fandango) joins Gavin Purcell to talk about his obsession with rubber stamps. They also discuss how Tim got into game design and how his young mind was blown by the digital "rubber stamp" tool on early Macintosh computers.

Then, they're joined by Roberta Sperling, a.k.a. Rubberta Stampling, the editor and owner of the website and magazine Rubber Stamp Madness. She explains the history of the publication, the creative diversity of the stamp enthusiast community, and how stamps became art themselves, as well as tools for creating art.

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