Way Too Interested
Episode 10

KOTA IBUSHI with Spencer Hall and Chris Charlton

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Sports writer and Channel 6 co-founder Spencer Hall
Sports writer and Channel 6 co-founder Spencer Hall, formerly a contributor to SBNation and the founder of Every Day Should Be Saturday, joins Gavin Purcell on today's podcast to talk about his obsession with Japanese wrestling! And specifically, Spencer is way too interested in one athlete from the New Japan Pro Wrestling circuit: Kota Ibushi, who Spencer describes as both "the greatest wrestler alive" and also the answer to the question "what if Michael Jordan had just done Space Jam for 10 years?"

Then, they're joined by Chris Charlton, who announces Japanese pro wrestling in English for NJPWWorld.com. Chris explains how Kota has bridged the gap between old and new fans of the sport, what makes him so compelling, and his humble ambitions to become God.

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