Way Too Interested
Episode 12

CREEPYPASTA with Chuck Wendig and Lucia Peters

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Author and blogger Chuck Wendig
On today's episode of Way Too Interested, author Chuck Wendig talks with Gavin Purcell about the many types of apples you've never tasted, the state of Twitter in 2022, and his obsession with creepypasta, an online cousin to urban legends. Chuck also talks about the real-world impact of these spooky tales and how they have evolved in the transition from 4chan to Tumblr to TikTok.

Then, Chuck and Gavin are joined by creepypasta expert Lucia Peters, the author of Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark. Lucia further explains exactly what makes something creepypasta and discusses some famous examples, including Slenderman, the Elevator Game, and "BEN Drowned." She also looks ahead to the future of the internet-driven genre, which has already made the leap to mainstream films and video games.

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